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How To Setup Roku TV?

Roku TV is the greatest opportunity for online streaming. Therefore, go for it and start streaming with Roku TV. Moreover, we are giving some guidelines in order to setup Roku TV at your home. Scroll down and see the below information.

Required belongings:

Network connection is necessary for online streaming. Therefore, firstly give a wireless internet connection to your Roku TV. Besides this, you have more options such as cable or satellite box, the antenna, blu-ray player, and game console.   Moreover, use the power adapter to provide the power source. Furthermore, follow steps to setup Roku TV.

Setup Roku TV:

  • Roku remote settings:

Roku giving a highlighted remote control with matched power batteries. Moreover, remove the battery cover from the backside or Roku remote and insert both power batteries. After that, pair remote control to Roku TV.

  • Turn on your Roku TV:

Turn on your Roku TV and make sure, the standby indicator light should be on that is located at below of TV screen. Moreover, it symbolized that TV has the usual power source. Furthermore, need to hold the power button on Roku remote. After few seconds, you will notice a new startup screen on TV. Now move further and perform next step.

  • Select your language:

Once you notice the turn on the screen, it will request you to select a language. Moreover, language is necessary to give text input. Now press “OK” button on your remote.

  • Select Country:

You need to select a country from the visible list. So, select your country where you are locating. After that, select Set up for Home use.

  • Provide internet connection:

Wireless network connection is easy to setup so you have to choose provided network name. Moreover, provide username as well as network security password. Afterward, get connected to the internet.

  • Download latest software update:

Roku has a feature to update the latest software automatically. Moreover, you can wait for the few minutes for the update as well as restart process. Further, find Roku activation code. account activation:

Your device should be linked to account in order to activate Roku TV. Moreover, if have an existing Roku account, get log in with it.  Otherwise, create your new Roku account. Now follow some provides steps that are mentioned below;

  • Submit your Roku code on
  • Click on, submit
  • Create a new Roku account if don’t have existing
  • Moreover, choose a payment method either PayPal or credit card payment
  • Afterward, create transaction PIN
  • At last, add some channel from Roku channel store
Annete Bristol
Annete Bristol

Hello, I am Annie and I have been running this blog from last few years. I started this blog to help my fellow users to make the best use of their Roku Devices. You can get all the information required to set up almost all the free and paid channels on Roku.

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