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What To Do If Added Roku Channels Not Update On Roku Account

What To Do If Added Roku Channels Not Update On Roku Account

Sometimes we use another device to add Roku channels to our Roku device. Extremely, this is a big issue when you find your added channel from PC does not update on your Roku player. If you are facing such kind of trouble then here we are giving you some best troubleshooting steps for Unable to updated Roku Channels problem. Follow the below solutions to update Roku channels on your Roku device:

Check out your Roku is attached to Roku account

  1. Probably, some users have multiple Roku accounts. In this situation, your device such as PC may have been added to another account where the channels continued added.
  2. So you have to link your device to the current Roku com link account with the new channels.
  3. Also, the user can add remove roku channels to the current Roku account from the linked device.

How you can Link your PC to Roku account for new channels

  1. Basically, open Google Chrome from your devices such as mobile or PC.
  2. Then, move to my roku com link signup page on your PC or mobile.
  3. In the login page, you need to enter your login details then click on submit button.
  4. After that, select “manage devices” option from the settings section.
  5. Next, find the Roku device from a list and click on remove device option.
  6. Finally, you have removed your Roku device from the Roku account now log out.
  7. Once you log out, now log in again into Roku account.
  8. Similarly, Enter your username and password then click on Next button.
  9. Go to Link device section then copy the link from Roku home screen and paste it into the Device Linking page.
  10. Next, you can see a screen which asks you for a activate code enter your Roku activation code on Roku’s official website.
  11. Simply restart your device now.

Hence linking device is completed successfully, this is a way to resolve the issue such as channel cannot update on Roku device.

Resolve issue Unable to updated Roku channels to existing Roku account

Try to add new channels to the existing Roku account which is linked to your PC.

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on your PC and your Roku streaming device.
  2. Navigate to the Main menu and choose the Streaming channels option it will bring you to the Roku channel store.
  3. Then search new Roku channels, when you can see a list of latest Roku channels, select any channel and click on add channel option.
  4. After that, for paid Roku channel you have to select a payment method to pay the subscription charges.
  5. Continually, add other new Roku channels.

However, you can add many new channels to your Roku com link account. Apart from it, if you need any kind of help from our experts then simply visit and take any kind of help regarding Roku streaming player we will surely help you.

Annete Bristol
Annete Bristol

Hello, I am Annie and I have been running this blog from last few years. I started this blog to help my fellow users to make the best use of their Roku Devices. You can get all the information required to set up almost all the free and paid channels on Roku.

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