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Easy Troubleshooting Steps For Roku Error Code 014

Easy Troubleshooting Steps For Roku Error Code 014

Roku streaming player is a well-known device. The Roku users can enjoy unlimited entertainment at their home. Moreover, it has numerous advanced features. The users can access the internet from their Roku player. Similarly, you can use Roku channel store after creating a account. Now come to the main point, sometimes Roku shows you errors. Because of Roku error code 014, the users do not understand the problem with their device, so they unable to resolve a particular Roku issue. Here you can get all details of Roku 014 error code.

What is Roku 014 error code

Also, the Roku is a hardware device along with advanced software which needs to connect with a smart TV. So, if you face any issue with your Roku device, it may belong to hardware or software. Besides, Roku 014 code can arise for different reasons. Probably, if you have a wireless internet connection, then you may face this Roku error. This issue can be solved by changing wireless network into an Ethernet cable connection plug into your Roku device.

How to resolve Roku error code 014?

  • Replace wireless connection with an Ethernet cable

As we said, a wireless connection can make many issues like the slow internet, video pause; streaming slow problems can arise with a wireless connection. Try to change your internet connection into an Ethernet cable connection. Simply, plug in an Ethernet cable to your Roku streaming box and start fast streaming.

  • After that, go to Settings Menu

Once the user provides Ethernet connection to Roku player, go to settings menu by using your Roku remote. Then move to network section and check your wired network strength. Good signal strength will enhance your streaming experience.

  • Ethernet connection but not for a long time

Further, you can setup your Ethernet connection and you can change it by visit settings menu. Similarly, go to Roku Settings and click on “Network” option. Here you can change your network type; select wireless connection. You will see a list of wireless network, highlight your wireless network’s name and enter your password then click on continue button.

That’s all; a wired connection makes your wireless connection strong. So you can change it after using Ethernet cable connection for one time.

In brief, this is the common solution for Roku 014 error code. Apart from it, if you face another Roku error code while setup or activating your Roku device then do not worry, we are providing  24/7 help service. You have to visit help website and take our help anytime 7 anywhere.

Annete Bristol
Annete Bristol

Hello, I am Annie and I have been running this blog from last few years. I started this blog to help my fellow users to make the best use of their Roku Devices. You can get all the information required to set up almost all the free and paid channels on Roku.

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