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How To Find Roku Remote Control Through Finder Feature

How To Find Roku Remote Control Through Finder Feature

The Roku streaming box is always known as best device. The small black colored streaming box gives you 50,000+ streaming channels with various categories. Moreover, the Roku users can watch Movies, Sports, Music, On-demand, Live TV and much more. Now Roku players combine more advanced feature like Remote finder, voice control, Roku mobile app etc. The users needs a Roku com link account to access Roku remote finder feature on Roku player.

Furthermore, sometimes we lost our remote control in our home. Probably, losing remote is a very common habit of some TV watchers. If you also have a habit to lose your Roku remote then Roku finder feature will be your best friend. Similarly, Roku remote includes various advanced functions. With Roku remote, the users can easily navigate to their favorite streaming channels or other settings. But if you lost your remote then how could you find this easily? Well, Roku device can help you to find your Roku remote. Here are some steps to use Roku remote finder feature.

How to use Roku Remote Finder Feature?

The Roku remote finder feature can enable a beep onto the Roku remote. So it generates a beep sound when you lost your Roku remote. Extremely, you can find your remote by getting a beep sound. If you are thinking how does it work then Roku player has a button you need to press when you unable to find your Roku remote. Further, follow the beneath steps to turn this feature.

  1. First of all, make your Roku device and your smart TV ready to use. Simply connect the devices to a power source and turn on them.
  2. Second, press Home button from your Roku remote and visit Roku home screen.
  3. Further, you have to find Settings option from the main menu.
  4. In the settings, you can see “Remote” section just click on the remote option.
  5. From the remote setting, you can see “Change remote finder sound” option, select it.
  6. Now you can see various sounds sample before setting up. The users need to choose one which is best for them. When you find the best one for you, click on that tone and press “Ok” button to complete this process.
  7. The users can check the sound by choosing preview sound option. Moreover, you can check your Roku remote battery status, just click on “battery life” section and see all details about Roku remote.

That’s all; you have done all the necessary steps. Now enjoy unlimited entertainment on your Tv screen without worrying about your habit of losing remote. Further, when you find any difficulty about Roku remote or Roku player, do not go here & there just communicate help team. The Roku experts will resolve your all issues regarding Roku devices.

Annete Bristol
Annete Bristol

Hello, I am Annie and I have been running this blog from last few years. I started this blog to help my fellow users to make the best use of their Roku Devices. You can get all the information required to set up almost all the free and paid channels on Roku.

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